Shunda Italia distributes BiPV products. This is an acronym which refers to systems and concepts in which, together with the function of generating electricity, the photovoltaic element takes on a role as a construction element. In the last few years, the integration of these modules into an architectural plan has been increasing fast. These new products, thanks to their dimensions and characteristics, are able to completely substitute some building components.

Tournaire Solaire Energie is a well-known European producer of integrated innovation solutions for industrial and residential photovoltaic plants. Building on their market experience, Tournaire Solaire Energie have realized the Tournaire range using the Solrif® solution which is already GSE-approved and the innovative technological solution, SolarStyl®. Shunda Italia distributes the Tournaire series on the Italian market, including all the available power capacities, and is also the exclusive distributor of SolarStyl®.


The monitoring system SolRif® for integration is simple and fast, ideal for obtaining a photovoltaic plant which is architecturally integrated, of excellent quality and producing a high electrical performance. It can be adapted to all types of sloping roof superior in weight to at least 7°, in new and already existing buildings. It can be used as a complete roof cover, thus reducing costs for traditional tiles. With the Solrif® system the mounting of the modules is similar to the laying of tiles and it easily adapts to many variations of sloping roofs, in new and already existing buildings. Thanks to the type of assembly, each single module can be removed and substituted.. The quality of the production processes of the Solrif® system is certified by TÜVdotCOM-ID 7095 and this system has also been approved by TÜV Rheinland in line with IEC 61215.


The BIPV SolarStyl system is a ferritic, galvanised structure made from stainless steel, which is obtained by bending a thin metal sheet (Kara). The ferritic stainless steel used is a really valuable resource because of its mechanical and corrosion-proof properties. The connectors, as well as the protective guards, are integrated into the structure itself. SolarStyl® is water-proof, hermetically sealed and safe. The assembly time is considerably lower than that needed for a traditional system because it usually does not require any correction of the levelness of the roof, thanks to its design using subframes.


SOLARSTYL 60 EU monocriystalline 245/250
SOLARSTYL 60 EU policrystalline 225/230 Wp
SOLRIF 60 EU monocrystalline 235/250
SOLRIF 60 EU policrystalline 215/230