Founded at the same time as the birth of the photovoltaic market, Shunda Italia is among the Italian producers with the most experience in the PV sector, both as regards modules and systems. Over time the Shunda brand transformed itself, strengthening its national brand identity in order to respond to a constantly-changing market, which only recognises solid and innovative companies as reliable interlocutors and sole partners.

Shunda Italia operates in the energy and energy-saving sector with state of the art products designed in line with standards which always aim at continual technological progress, reliability, efficiency and product innovation.

Shunda Italia has enormous experience in controlling the production chain and technological experience in the production of components for the photovoltaic industry: from the raw materials to the final product, from the raw silicon freshly extracted from the mine to the realization of the photovoltaic module. Paying particular attention to national requirements, Shunda Italia produces photovoltaic solutions and systems for planners, designers, installers, company customers and investors.