Shunda Energia Italiana will give you a good return on your investments in Italy. The plants realised with our systems need very little maintenance. Their costs will be amortized over time: the estimated operational time is, in fact, about 30 years. Photovoltaic systems guarantee the generation of clean energy and a 20-year contractually guaranteed revenue by the Italian State. The realisation of a photovoltaic plant offers an average return of 8 to 15% depending on the location of the installation, the type being used and the use or not of financing from the bank.

Plant and engineering Know-how. Thanks to our long and extensive experience, Shunda Energia Italiana is able to advise on innovative solutions suitable for every type of plant and for the locations in which they will be installed. The Shunda Energia Italiana technical department is known for its high level of competence both as regards electrical installations and photovoltaic technology.
The quality of Shunda Energia Italiana products is recognised all over the world. Our solar panels have not only obtained the IEC certification, but they are also TUV approved - the symbol of control, high quality and product safety. The tests on TUV certified products are carried out in 50 countries by 1400 experts with the most sophisticated equipment and machinery currently available.

Insurance of the photovoltaic plant. Today it is possible to stipulate specific insurance policies relative to photovoltaic plants, which protect the owner from any type of problem that can occur during the life cycle of the plant. It is possible to insure the materials, damage from atmospheric events, breakage of components, plant breakdown, with damage iindemnity for lost profits, fire, theft, etc..
By filling in a specific form, it is possible to get insurance estimates which are tailor-made for your requirements, at approximately 10-30 euros per year per KW installed.

The economic advantages for the owner of the plant are, therefore, the production revenue (in so far as the incentives obtained are proportionate to the energy production of the photovoltaic plant) and the consumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic plant, which represents a real saving on the electicity bill. In fact, the equivalent amount of energy which is produced and consumed internally will not have to be bought and consumed from the national energy grid.  At the same time, any energy produced, not internally consumed, and therefore sold, constitutes a further gain.

There are other advantages of a photovoltaic system:

  • zero emission of pollutants;
  • saving of fossil fuels;
  • extremely reliable since there are no moving parts (its working life is more than 25 years);
  • the maintenance costs of a photovoltaic plant are minimal;
  • modular system (in order to increase the size simply add extra modules);